The lifeline of Mumbai-the local trains!

Mumbai is famously known as ‘The city that never sleeps’ and rightly so. There are many peculiarities about this city and one of them is the local train. Mumbaikars can’t imagine this city without its local trains. A minor technical glitch in the railway system and the entire city comes to a disrupting halt!

It is these trains that carry lacs of passengers daily to their schools, colleges, offices and back home. Mumbaikars spend half their lives in the trains. Thus, it is not surprising if you hear stories, get glimpses of people’s lives whilst your daily commute. You come across people with varied natures and behaviors during your commute. You hear the non-stop chit-chat of college-going teenagers, sad stories, marital issues, gossips, arguments of co-passengers and what not! There are innumerable moments that you witness-funny, sad, amusing, heart-wrenching, poignant and many more. I find many of them worth penning down!


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