I just watched the movie ‘The Theory Of Everything’ based on the life of the world famous personality, Prof. Stephen Hawking. What an amazing person! What an amazing movie! Eddie Redmayne-hats off to you! I was spellbound on seeing that guy’s acting. I wonder how people act. I find it to be an extremely difficult task. I can barely manage to act for two minutes when I am playing some prank on a friend. But acting for life, unimaginable! This guy has literally made the character his own. He has acted that well! It was as if he became the character. That, obviously, is the intention but doing it so well that people almost forget that they are watching a movie character and not the person himself is just amazing!

Many actors say they get to live multiple lives in one lifetime in the form of the characters they play. But I wonder, wouldn’t that be exhausting – switching personalities all the time?


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